Coil Cleaning

coil-cleaningAir Conditioning Miami Beach is the go-to company for coil cleaning in Miami. We service both commercial and residential customers with the highest possible level of professionalism. Over the years, we have served thousands of customers many of whom have gone ahead to become repeat clients.

If you have been wondering why exactly your coils needs cleaning, the answer is right there in your HVAC system. An AC system has two coils; the evaporator and condenser coils. These are usually made of aluminum fins and copper tubes. The evaporator coil is located indoors and is often referred to as the cold coil because it gives you indoor cooling. The condenser coil on the other hand is on the outdoor and described as the warm coil because it rejects the heat blown outside by the AC fan over its surface.

Because of the air that gets blown over these coils, they become clogged with grime, dust, and dirt over time. This is why they need regular cleaning.

Air Conditioning Miami Beach has lots of coil cleaning solutions for both the evaporator and condenser coil.

Coil Cleaning and Energy Savings

When your HVAC coil is dirty and coated with grime, it cannot properly supply heat transfer and this result in massive energy consumption. HVAC equipments which operate with dirty coils can gobble up to 37% more energy compared to those running with relatively cleaner coils.

In addition, the cooling capacity of an AC system that has dirty coils can be reduced by close to 30%. Dirty coils intensify the operating temperatures and pressure which may ultimately lead to a breakdown of the compressor lubricant and equipment failure.

Coil Cleaning Frequency

Our professionals at Air Conditioning Miami Beach recommend that a coil cleaning program be immediately put in place when the coils are still clean and new. The frequency of the cleaning should be such that the coils are protected from deterioration. This may be as often as four times per year while in some cases monthly.

If your AC system doesn’t come with easy to open panels, ensure you let our technicians know so that they can install them for ease of access to the coils. This makes coil cleaning a simple process for both you and our technicians.

Our Coil Cleaning Methods

Over the years, we have developed several coil cleaning methods which we find efficient for the different customers we serve. Among the methods we use include:

Steam Cleaning – Here, we apply low pressure steam to the coils to remove dirt.

Foaming – Using a pump sprayer, we apply a foaming chemical on the coil service and later vacuum it up repeatedly before rinsing with clean water.

Pressure Washing – This is one of the most popular coil cleaning methods. We apply a cleaning solution on the coils using a built-in chemical injection system before rinsing with water.

If the dirt or dust is light, we often blow it with low pressure compressed air or clean the coil using a soft bristle brush.
All the cleaning chemicals we use are biodegradable and specially formulated for the coil cleaning job. Before leaving your premises, we check the condensate pan and clean it so that mold doesn’t have a chance to accumulate.

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