air-conditioning-nyc-3According to a research done by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), indoor air has higher chances of being polluted compared to outdoor air. This revelation coupled with the fact that close to 90% of people in Florida spend most of their time indoors, can be catastrophic. Having a functional ac system is important because it enhances the quality of indoor air thereby making the home comfortable to stay in.

Much of Florida experiences tropical and humid tropical climates averaging between 70 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit during summer. This means that indoor air quality should be prioritized in every home. This calls for a stronger ac that is able to serve every room within your home.

Reasons Why You Need a Stronger AC

To Regulate the Indoor Temperature

High temperatures can drain your body making you weak. In the event you have conditions such as asthma, emphysema and cardiac problems, exposure to high temperatures can worsen them. Other members of the family that can be affected by high temperatures include the elderly, children and overweight. By installing a stronger ac system, you can reduce the risk of heat exhaustion, heat cramps and heat stroke caused by the summer heat. During winter, the ac system will keep your house warm thereby keeping at bay conditions such as pneumonia that are prevalent during cold seasons.

To Control Humidity Levels

High humidity levels can expose your home to mold that destroys furnishings in addition to causing health complications such as asthma. Ac systems have dehumidifiers that control humidity levels making your home comfortable for you and your family. Excess moisture makes your skin sticky and can cause breathing difficulties. Accumulation of mold causes other conditions such as sore throat, dizziness, itchy eyes, sneezing, exhaustion and depression.

To Improve Indoor Air Quality

The quality of indoor air is very important not only in Florida but also in other parts of the world. During winter, spring, summer and autumn, the indoor air is usually subjected to a changing environment that brings in particles and microbes that pollute the environment. A polluted indoor environment is a health risk that needs to be kept at bay at all costs. Installing an efficient  ac system will ensure that the indoor air is cleaned up and all particles are filtered out leaving you and your family with a healthy environment.

A stronger ac system in your Florida home will significantly cut down on your energy bills because it will be able to run efficiently in heating or cooling your home. The cost of breakdown will also be minimized making it an overall win-win situation for you.