Understanding the ways through which your air conditioning works is very important. This is because a lot of energy is usually wasted through improper handling of the ac system. There has been an argument as to whether your ac should be on when you are leaving the house either for holidays or work. There are two schools of thoughts when it comes to this issue. The first school of thought suggests that leaving your ac on will consume a lot of energy as opposed to turning it off. The second line of argument is a total opposite of the first.

Energy Consumption

Normally, ac units consume energy when starting off and while running. According to the argument put forward by experts in the field, an ac unit consumes more energy when starting up than while running. Because of this, it makes a lot of sense to leave your ac on while going to work. Energy expenses are among the highest category of expenditure in households. The more you switch on and off your ac units, the higher the energy consumed.

Efficient Performance of the AC

Turning your air conditioner on and off makes it to operate at shorter periods. By constantly subjecting your ac to a less powerful speed every now and then, you subject it to a less efficient mode of running which affect its operations in the long run. A less efficient ac will not only consume more energy but will also increase the chances of breakdowns which will ultimately cost you much in repairs. Replacing some components of the ac is more expensive than the cost you will incur to keep the unit running throughout.

Indoor Air Quality

For you to enjoy indoor air quality, you need to have an ac unit that is running throughout the day. The moment you switch off your ac as you head out in the morning, the indoor air will gradually become stuffy. By end of the day, dust and other pollutants will have found their way into your indoor space. Apart from the medical implications of this, you may also suffer from the effects of the stale air.

To lessen the energy consumed while your ac is on, you can adopt the following techniques:

Install a Programmable Thermostat

A programmable thermostat helps you to set different schedules based on your needs and preferences. While you are away at work, you can customize the settings to a given temperature throughout the day. This will help you save about 5 to 15 percent in energy.

Service Your AC Regularly

A fully serviced ac will not consume as much energy because of its efficiency. This will save you in energy consumption and the cost of repairs.

Install a Zoning Control System

Zoning your indoor temperatures while you are away will ensure that specific areas are heated or cooled to certain levels depending on the needs. The living room and the kitchen may require more attention than the guest rooms.

It is therefore important that you leave your ac on while going to work so as to guarantee you a quality indoor environment for you and your family.