Dryer Vent Cleaning

dryer vent cleaningAccording to the US Fire Administration Reports, more than 12,700 dryer fires result annually claiming lives and destroying property. The leading contributors to these fires are failure to clean dryer vents. It has been proved through research that clear dryer vents enhance energy efficiency, lower utility costs, and allows clothes to dry faster.

Causes of Clogged Dryer Vents

When lint accumulates in the ventilation system, it causes a blockage and clogs the dryer vents. There are a number of ways in which dryer vents can clog. For instance, when the dryer ventilation system is lengthy, the likelihood of bends and curves in the system increase forming pockets in which lint can collect.

Due to the fact that dyer ventilation tubes are made of foil or pliable plastic, chances of this material being crushed or dented are high given sufficient pressure.

Also, a poorly connected dryer vent or ventilation screen can cause some lint to be trapped. While it is understood that ventilation screens can prevent animals from entering the ventilation system, these screens can potentially create a barrier for lint.

Why Clean Your Dryer Vent

If you are not still convinced why you should allow our technicians to come and clean the insides and outsides of your dryer vent, here are some reasons why this is important.

Safety Concerns
Whenever lint builds up inside your dryer vent, the air flow from the dryer to the outdoor vent is interrupted or blocked altogether. This may create extremely high levels of heat thus leading to a fire. Allowing our Air Conditioning Miami Beach dryer cleaners to come and inspect and clean your clothes dryer will lessen the likelihood of such fires.

Energy Savings and Dryer Efficiency
If a dryer cannot properly ventilate, it will negatively affect the energy efficiency of your home, the operation of the dryer as well as the integrity of your clothing. When the dryer is clogged, the levels of heat it uses to dry your clothes are affected. When subjected to extreme temperature, your clothes can be ruined particularly those made of delicate material.

Also, when the dryer components are subjected to a prolonged heating period, they may fail and render the dryer less useful before the end of its service life.

Indoor Air Quality
This is a critical factor to respiratory health and our technician always emphasize on this aspect every time they visit your home. If your clothes dryer is gas powered, there is a danger of carbon monoxide being released in your house following a clogged dryer vent. To prevent this and other problems, ensure your dryer vent is regularly inspected by our professionals.

How We Get the Job Done

At Air Conditioning Miami Beach, we have invested in powerful vacuum equipment which can dislodge and consume every trace of lint clogged in your dryer vent. All our professionals are trained and thus highly knowledgeable in the inspection and cleaning of your dryer vent. We do all this without putting your home at risk.

If you want to receive a free estimate and schedule your dryer vent cleaning service, you can do so today by contacting us at 786-224-6633!