The American Lung Association states that the average person breaths about 3,400 galloons of air every day. What this means is that your heating and cooling system must work extra hard to give you quality indoor air. For this to happen, the proper functioning of your system must be maintained at all times. There are different ways you can achieve this and below are some useful tips.

Proper Thermostat Setting

According to the Department of Energy, you can save a lot on your heating bills by simply setting your thermostat to 68 degrees Fahrenheit during wakeful hours and thereafter setting it back a few degrees. During summer, you can push the needle to 78 degrees Fahrenheit when you are at home and a little bit higher when you are away. This will ensure that energy is spent efficiently during the hours when you need the HVAC most. With a programmable thermostat, all this becomes easier.

Closing or Opening Your Vents

If your house has a basement, closing off vents during summer can be beneficial to you. The only thing is for you to remember to open them during winter. Another area of your house that you should keep an eye on is the vents in your kids’ rooms. These vents can be accidentally covered by blankets or toys and if your kids are adventurous enough, they may even play with the levers on the vent covers. If it is a headache to you keeping in check with all this, you may consider fitting vents without a close option for the children play areas and bedrooms.

Cleaning Air Return Vents

Months of use may lead to a buildup of dust and debris on your air return vents. Ensure that you periodically clean the vents so as to keep the gunk from bogging down your system and clogging the filters.

Make Use of Your Ceiling Fan

Setting your fan counter-clockwise during summer months can help you blow cooler air into your home. During winter, set it clockwise at slightly slower speeds to help circulate air upwards without causing a cooling effect.

Servicing Your Systems

It is true that your HVAC system works extremely hard. For it to keep on giving you quality performance, you should service it periodically. A professional can help you do this.

If your unit is old, continuing to run it is akin to throwing money right through the door. Consider replacing your unit with a model that is much more efficient. Though such models may be expensive upfront, your investment can bring in returns within a short time.