Pool Heating Repair

pool-heating-repairDoes your pool heating system function as expected? How long does the water take to heat up or does it even heat up in the first place? Well, these are some of the challenges homeowners face with their pool heating systems. Buying property with pools is one of the wisest investments, but if the pool is unusable because the heating system is non-operational, you need to do something.

At Air Conditioning Miami Beach, we are committed to servicing your pool heating system so that you can enjoy a warm pool 365 days a year. We pride ourselves in offering professional services with honesty and integrity. Our workmanship is quality and their experience is second to none.

The Pool Heating Systems We Service

At Air Conditioning Miami Beach, we not only install, repair, and service pool heating systems in Miami, we also advice homeowners on the best systems to install for their various pool heating needs. Among the pool heating systems we repair include:

Solar Pool Heating Systems
When your solar pool heating system fails to function as expected, do not always rush to replace it. Allow our technicians to come and inspect it and solve the problem for you. A typical solar powered pool heating system should be able to serve you up to 25 years if well maintained and serviced.

Our technicians usually take an hour or two to service and repair your system with minimal parts if any. In a case where your system requires major parts, we will give you a quotation before starting any project.

Gas Heating Systems
In our pool heating department, we have professional gas fitters who have worked with pool owners for more than a decade. We always carry spare parts in our truck to cater for minor repairs on the spot. It doesn’t matter whether your gas heater uses LPG or natural gas; we are experts in all of them. In case you want to upgrade, we will give you the options available.

Pool Heat Pumps
There are lots of heat pump brands in the market and we are lucky to be one of the few HVAC professionals that have partnered with these brands to the benefit of our clients. We can service all types of heat pumps. Our services also extend to cover relocation and replacement. In the event you are moving house and want to take your pool heating system with you, give us a call and we will help you with the relocation.

A Committed pool Heating Repair Team

With decades of experience behind us, we can comfortably say that our commitment and competence is second to none in Miami. Regardless of your swimming pool design, our team will take you through the necessary installation requirements for your heating equipment.

Our pricing is inclusive and this means every homeowner is catered for. Call us right now at 786-224-6633 or email us for a free no obligation quote!