Duct Cleaning

air-duct-cleaningBy design, your air ducts are usually concealed behind your walls and because of this, they are often ignored. Ductwork plays a key role in serving as vital pathways through which warm and cool air is delivered throughout your home. Whenever your AC is running, your ductwork is also working to ensure uniform distribution of air.

Due to the near constant use, air ducts gradually accumulate grime, debris, and dust. The National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) states that on average, an American home produces well over 40 pounds of dust every year.

Indoor Air Quality and Duct Cleaning

Many homeowners dust and vacuum their homes as part of their weekly cleaning routine. However, these are considered basic tasks and are not as efficient in getting rid of all the dirt and dust. As a matter of fact, there is no amount of regular cleaning that can sufficiently capture every dust mite produced in your home.

The residual dust and dirt find their way into the ductwork. During air circulation, the same dust is recirculated around your home causing serious effects on your family health and compromising the cleanliness of your home. Air Conditioning Miami Beach duct cleaning professionals will ensure that the amount of dust in your ductwork is significantly reduced thereby giving you a quality indoor environment.

HVAC Efficiency and Duct Cleaning

Through the ductwork, your HVAC system delivers cooled or heated air around your home throughout the year. According to EPA’s definition, dust and other particles within your home are collectively referred to as particulate matter. It also notes that particle pollution comprises a number of components including organic chemicals, acids, and dust particles.

While the furnace filter is strategically positioned to trap the particulate matter, other smaller particles may sneak through. When these particles ultimately build up, your home will become less efficient and your HVAC units will have to operate for a much longer period in order to cool or heat your home. This will result in breakdowns, high utility bills, and expensive repairs.

Our focus at Air Conditioning Miami Beach is on the ductwork and by extension; this boosts your HVAC system efficiency.

Air Conditioning Miami Beach Duct Cleaning System

We have one of the most powerful duct cleaning systems in Miami. We utilize well trained and competent staff as well as top of the range techniques that are compliant with NADCA guidelines.

Our uniformed crew will arrive at your home in a clearly marked truck and on time. Before starting the cleaning process, they will review the services you have requested together with you and briefly explain the importance of indoor air quality and the solutions we have.

We never leave your home until the job is done and you are satisfied. Get in touch with us today for a thorough air duct cleaning operation that will leave your home clean and safe from allergens.