Ac-unitsThanks to advancement in technology, HVAC systems are becoming more energy efficient by day. HVAC units are now able to communicate between their indoor and outdoor components. This makes it easier to reduce heat loss and maximize processes such as dehumidification. The systems are also becoming quieter in operation which means you can literally put them right outside and you won’t hear a sound while inside. Below are some of the latest innovations and how they will affect the HVAC industry.

The Rise of Greener Technologies

There are cooling systems being designed which run on ice. Currently, the ice cooling system in the market freezes about 450 gallons of water. The frozen water is then used to provide a cooling effect and this may last as long as 6 hours. Because the ice cooling system runs alongside the traditional AC system, it saves you money while at the same time reducing carbon footprint.

Smart Homes and Apps

Today, connected HVAC systems are gradually becoming a common place. Mobile apps which are installed on Smartphones and tablets give you an unprecedented ability to control your home from a remote location. Through a simple WI FI connection, you can program your HVAC system so that it can alert you whenever there are problems or give you statistics that are relevant and which will keep you abreast of any potential problems. For instance, when the air filter gathers dust or is in need of replacement, the system may send you a notification directly to your mobile phone.

Intelligent Thermostats

Thermostats are becoming more intelligent just like humans. They learn the temperatures that you always prefer based on the time of day and in future they would automatically adjust the room temperature without your intervention. Thanks to this learning process, the thermostat understands your heating and cooling habits and uses this to maximize your energy efficiency. According to experts, these systems can reduce your cooling bill by up to 15% and your heating bill by approximately 10%. You can also access the smart thermostat right from your smartphone using an app. This gives you extra power to control your AC unit even while away.

Geothermal Power Taking Center Stage

Geothermal power is not only a source of clean energy, but sustainable as well. These systems recover heat from underground and use it to heat homes and generate electricity. When it comes to cooling, the system evacuates all the heat from indoors and channels it to the ground. While geothermal systems are a little bit costly to install, they are more efficient, serve you for a longer period and are environmental friendly.

Therefore, as technologies sweep different industries around the world, the HVAC industry is not left behind. Sophistication for efficiency in operation is what everyone is looking at.